Auspicious Kutti


Kutti is synonymous with Satyanarayan katha. The katha is usually performed on a full moon day of every month. In the days gone by, before the katha, the beautiful aromas of pure ghee, flour and sugar would take over the entire neighborhood as the cooking of Kutti begins. Children during the katha, would be seen running around the tree and benches in the colony while others would be patiently waiting in the colony hall. Sometimes it would feel like time has come to a standstill, when we would repeatedly ask our parents/grandparent… Anjja kitla time lagse? (How much longer?). Then the aarti bells would bring out the smiles and it was the end of the katha. It is finally time to get our hands onto the warm yummy goodness of Kutti along with fruit that used to get stuffed into mummy’s purse while the Kutti goes straight into the belly and then we would line up quickly to get the next helping… Kutti koon ker naa karrese? (Who will say no to Kutti)


½ kg – wheat flour

3 cups – sugar

1.25 cup – ghee

How to Make Kutti (Wheat Flour Crumble)

Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel.

Fry the flour on a low flame, stirring continuously till aromatic and golden in color.

Remove from the stove and add sugar.

Let it cool.


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