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Assaan Bhagnari Assaan Bhagnari by Late Shri Parshotam Kamra


We have found a gem from Panchayat office files. It’s a poem about Bhagnaris, written in Bhagnari by Late Shri Parshotam Kamra in around year 2000. The poem also carries a covering message, titled Bhagnari Tavareekh, i.e. Bhagnari History. Both are reproduced here as written by him, in chaste Bhagnari language.


Pooj Panchon, Mukhi Saheb, pyaare braao, beryaan aaoon mataaon. Main tusaandhe samoon Bhagnari niyaat dhee Tavareekh budhavan kanon aval, eeyo aakhan zaroori samajdhaa haan, jo main aapni jeeejal mata dhe vaaton budha haa, jekaa naseebein naal asaandhe paale Mukhi Shri Moorajmal Makar dhee niyaani haee. Aakhendhee haee ta asaandhe vadey Balochi Hindu Pathaan hun, jeke Balochistan dhe dhakhan vich Bhag naale wale gaon dhe rahvasi hun. Uthan Nari naale dhee nadhee vaoondhee haee. Eevein Bhagnari naalaa piyaa. Atkal 125 saal paalon Afghaan lutere, jekoon asaandhe vadey Hur sadendhe hun, uthaan aa kaney loot-maar aaoon rahzan machaaee. Hinee zulmein kano tang aa kaney, kutch kutumb, aapat vich mil kaney medee maataa dhe chaache Shri Chainamal dhee sarparsti naal ekka kar Karachi nagar achee vasaayune aaoon yak musht thee kaney, hik paadey vich rah kaney Bhagnari Panchayat dhee shuruvaat Chainamal dhe nande braa Shree Moorajmal Makar koon aapnaa mukhi choond, navein sar aapnee zindagee shuru keetune.

Eeyo Bhagnari Padey dha raaj, lugbug munee sadhee taeen 1) Mukhi Shri Moorajmal, 2) Mukhi Shri Shamdas Sapru, 3) Mukhi Shri Takandas Kataria, dadey shaan maan aaoon dhabdhabe naal guzaariya.

Par kudrat koon biya kutch manzoor haa, jo 1947 dhe Hindu Muslim batwaare waqt Karachi chhod, achee Mumbai vasaaee, par pyaar aaoon ekka uvo saghya ithaan aa kaney, aghey kanon bi aghraa Bhagnari Paadaa Shri Takandas Kataria aaoon Mukhi Shri Harkishindas Gehani dhee sarparsti vich asaandhee yak mushtee koon chaar chaandh laghaae.

Eevein waqt guzar giyaa, aaoon hein adh sadhi vich asaan koon Mukhi Takandas Kataria kanon pichey, Mukhi Shri Harkishindas Gehani, Mukhi Shri Kanayalal Nasta, Mukhi Shri Issardas Kanar, Mukhi Shri Sugnomal Gehani jerey mahirdhaar mildhe giye. Aaoon honey Mukhi Shri Naraindas Talreja jaen asaa koon We Bhagnaris dhaa naaraa de kaney asaandhaa ekkaa aaoon piyaar aauj te rasaya hey.

Hein piyaar kanon mutasir thee, main, Parshotam Shewaram Kamra, tusaandhe saamoon Bhagnari Tavareekh babat kuch veechaar, heen gaane dwaaraa tusandhe samukh pesh karendhaa haan.

Assaan Bhagnari

(Akhar aaoon tarz Parshotam Shewaram Kamra)






































Happy Friendship Day – Deepa (Laji) Bhagnari

Another day to celebrate…we humans try to find happiness in so many different ways, so we have created festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Raksha Bandha, Eid, Easter and many more, but maybe there was still a void, so we look forward to special days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teachers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Daughters Day, etc. and last but not the least – Friendship Day.

Friendship Day apparently was created in the fifties by the owner of Hallmark Greeting Cards but since it was thought to be a gimmick to enhance the sale of greeting cards it was soon forgotten. Then later in 2011 The United Nations announced July 30th as Friendship Day to grow cooperation between people and to overcome barriers between people and countries. But different countries celebrate Friendship Day on different days of the year. In India, we celebrate it on the first Sunday of August every year. This time it is the 7th of August. So Happy Friendship Day to everyone.

Personally, I feel every day is Friendship Day, because one needs a friend every day – it could be different friends for different day, as each friend possesses a different talent or characteristic, you may need one friend on some day to confide in and on another day another friend to seek some advice on a particular topic, which he/she is good at – so definitely every day is a friendship day.  

Friends are not inherited …you choose them…so definitely one tries to choose only those whom we feel we are comfortable with…who are trustworthy, who are likeable and share common interests…though of course, when you have a group of friends there is always a chance you may not see eye to eye with some, but then if it’s a group, one does not usually interact too much with them one to one level.

Well coming to myself, I feel lucky to have so many good friends. I remember, I entered Kataria colony in 1961 and in some time, I got friendly to a group of friends and from then till now our friendship has blossomed and we are all still going strong – in fact we call ourselves the Golden Girls…Touch Wood. As I live in Dubai I cannot be a part of their monthly kitty, but once in Mumbai I make it a point to go for the kitty, so that I meet all my dear friends…and even though we meet after a long gap, I still feel I have met them just yesterday as we have our group chat where we all connect – Thank You WhatsApp…you are a blessing…Thank you my GG gang, I love you all. May our friendship continue till our last breath. 🙏

Then after marriage I came to Dubai where again I was fortunate to get a lovely group of friends. We have all been friends from the 70’s till now…we used to go to picnics…outings as our children were young and now with all our children married and happy in their lives, we still meet for dinners or movies and parties…so I really thank God for blessing us with true friends.

True friends are those whom you can call at 3 a.m, in the night for help and your call is answered…then there are friends you may not be in touch with for some time as we live in different countries, etc. but we will not hesitate to pick up the phone and call just to say hello…how are you?  There is no ego issue. Nowadays friendship in some case has a different meaning altogether because of the newly developed social platforms, which are both a boon and a bane. There is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. People often confuse themselves by assuming they have say 700 or whatever number of friends on FB…so they think they are surrounded by friends – well I myself have 634 friends on Facebook and mind you I never accept any friend request randomly – I still think the number is ridiculously high…are they really all my friends?  Of course, not…they are just people I know or I have met once or maybe never but they are still on my list of friends…as some are friends of my friends…So one should not feel elated about the numbers on your FB or Insta, etc…I too follow so many celebrities and Michelin Chefs, etc., but that does not make them my friend.  It is better to have a few good friends…someone you can count on through thick and thin rather than hundreds whom you can’t even converse with.

Personally, I have seen so many different groups of friends who have been – you can say Forever Friends – in our very own beloved Kataria Colony…whenever I am in Mumbai I go to the colony…sit on the bench with my sisters Lata, Asha, Geeta Kanar, Vaso, Sabita and whoever else can come from the group…it is such a pleasure to be with them. I also see different groups around me…Babo and Ritu…Geeta and their group…Hema, Kusum and their group…and the big group of Usha, Neeta, Sabita, Laj, etc. and many others …then my sister Kiran, Kiran Jani, Sujata, Shraddha, Dolly etc. Really, I love to see all this camaraderie around me…then I feel the world is a good place to live in. 😊

But I think your parents can be your friends…your siblings can be your best friends; your children can be your friends. I think friendship exists everywhere; we only have to learn to value it.  And value it soon as in the course of this journey called life, we have lost some dearest of our friends, whose loss will always be a void in our life. They have left their footprints on our hearts – never to be erased….so if one has for some silly reason had a tiff or whatever, try to mend your relations…it is never too late…or one may be left with regrets.

Happy Friendship Day to everyone…my lovely family…my cousins, my friends and my acquaintances…love you all. 

Bhagnari Bulls Roar

Following the success of Bhagnari Bulls WhatsApp group, whose membership is about to touch 200, a seminar on Fundamentals used for investing in the Stock Market was organised on Sunday 17th July 2022

Upon completion of presentation by the panelists, a highly interactive Q&A session gave ample opportunity to the attendees to clear their doubts on Fundamentals of stock market.

The online seminar was initiated and very well moderated by Kishore Lulla. A panel of experts, comprising of Deepak Kamra, Lalit Jham, Jaiprakash Rochlani and Satish Mehta, gave their views on the Fundamental indicators used in the stock market. Their guidance, specially to the new comers, was appreciated by the audience.

The efforts by Bhagnari Bulls group to guide and lead all members continues on the WhatsApp group. Most of the members have acknowledged that they have benefitted a lot by joining this group. Any Bhagnari Community member can join this group and seek guidance, views and clarifications from the expert panelists and several other experienced members of the group.

Very soon we will be having other seminars on Technical Analysis, Taxation Reduction Strategies and Implications in the Stock Market, alternative Investments in place of plain vanilla fixed bank deposits.

Thanks to Pranitt Popley for providing his unlimited time Zoom licence for the seminar.

For those who missed the seminar, here is recording of the Zoom session. We trust it proves to be useful. Use pass-code *$Ycjjk4

For those who missed the seminar, here is recording of the Zoom session. Hope it proves to be useful. Use passcode *$Ycjjk4

If the link does not open, highlight it and click on Open. Alternatively it can be copied and pasted to a browser.

Support Group for Community

Have you or your loved one ever been caught in a situation where a medical emergency has occured and you have no support on hand for being taken to hospital, especially in that golden hour when each minute is precious?

Well, you don’t have to worry now. Following energetic community members have come forward to provide this much needed help to the elderly and lonely:

Deepak Bhagnari – +919324815526

Gulab Kamra – +919819744434

Manoj Gulabani – +919820460888

Vinay Gehi – +917738588987

If you are without help of your relatives or friends and facing a medical emergency, any one from this group can be contacted for help. They will take you to a casualty ward of a hospital for treatment and contact any of your close contacts to come to the hospital and take over the treatment.

If necessary, an ambulance will be arranged for you. The ambulance contact details are listed below for your ready reference:

Gaurav Patil – +919004544400

Satish – Sai Ambulance – +918756306965

Varun – Sai Ambulance – ±919820414210

Launch of Car Service for Elderly by Ashok Gehi

We are pleased to announce the introduction of transportation service for the elderly members of the community by Ashok Gehi. A new car (Maruti S Presso MH01DX8819 Red colour) has been procured for this purpose along with services of a driver (Rajesh Yadav). The service will be available between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. on all days except Sundays.

The service will be provided to the elderly members of community for visits to doctors, hospitals, labs, visit to Kataria Colony for satsangs and will also cover transport to and from Park Club during 3.00-4.00 p.m. and 7.30-8.30 p.m. covering Kataria Colony, Sitladevi Temple Road and Mahim/Matunga Rd stations. These timing will not be changed.

The service cannot be used for personal use like shopping, etc. To maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness levels, no eating, drinking or smoking will be allowed in the car.

Rajan Mehta has been assigned the responsibility of coordinating between those who need the service and the driver for scheduling the trips. He has kindly agreed to take up this responsibility. Please note that the trips will be strictly scheduled on a first come first serve basis. All requests must be sent a day in advance to Rajan on WhatsApp to his mob. no. 8879101970 preferably a day in advance. Please do not call him on this number.

We look forward to the success of this noble idea and thank Ashok Gehi for arranging the car and the driver. He initiated the idea and worked towards its implementation with the Panchayat. We also thank Bhag CHSL for allowing to park the car in Kataria Colony.

This is the first time that such a service is being introduced and there are chances of some initial glitches. So we request all to co-operate with us and help in the smooth running of the service.

My Memories of Shame Ma Gehi’s Family – By Lachu Gehi

We Gehi’s are known to be very honest in our work and are also known for discipline.

At the time of partition, I was 12 years old and I have very good memory from when I was 2½ years old.

A few days back when I went into past memory before partition, one Gehi family came to my mind. (Two years back I had written an article about my father and that was highly appreciated.) Known as ‘Shamema Family’, she had created such a record, that it still remains unbroken – giving birth to 8 boys and 1 girl!!

Almost all the boys became technocrats without going to engineering college. I will begin first with Shamdas. I had not seen him, but as a child became close to his son Menghraj, who was in Royal Air Force during British government time. Then he joined BOAC, then British Airways. Lastly, he was invited by Air India when they introduced first Boeing 707. He travelled in the first Jumbo Jet flight Emperor Ashoka or perhaps Emperor Akbar, from Seattle to Bombay. His brother was an expert radio mechanic and agent for Bush Radio. His brother Dharamdas was also with him. Menghraj’s son Kishin became a doctor. His daughter Saroj too became an eminent doctor at Malad. His son Mohan, whom I met on my visits to USA, was an officer with Johnson & Johnson.

Now I come to Shri Gordhandas, father of Badal. I don’t remember what he was doing, but remember that his family was staying in his building Gehi Mansion at Mahim. His son Badal had a provisions shop.

Now I come to Sobhraj. He served Bhagnari Panchayat after Dr Bashoomal Gehi retired, many years under the presidentship of Shri Takandas Kataria. His speciality was accounts. My father always took advise from him in the matter of accounts. He became a businessman and started a shop in the name of his elder son Jethanand & Co.

My brother Ramchand was very close to Deepchand, Kotumal and Mengraj Shamdas. Deepchand was another technocrat in electronic matters. In Karachi too he had a shop. He always had a smile on his face. In Bombay he had a shop in Lohar Chawl, well known for electric wires. His son became associated with Mittal Builders. His workshop at Sakinaka was famous with many cloth producing mills in that area. Now his sons are carrying on his tradition.

Kotumal was a person with great personality. I remember that he started his shop at Gehi Mansion. In Karachi along with Deepchand, he used to visit our garden with my brother Ramchand. It was a shocking news for whole Bhagnari community when he left this unholy world at a very young age. Now his sons Ashok and Suresh are in technical line of computers.

Gopichand was also a great technocrat – a watch repairer. He had shop at Tram Patta in Karachi. He was well known for his watch repairing skills. In Bombay he had shop behind Kataria’s optical shop. His son also became expert in this line. I then came to know that his son opened a shop in Assam.

Hiranand was known as Hira Pehalwan. As a child I once had an opportunity to see him wrestle with another Bhagnari, Gopaldas Nanumal Jham and doing dand-baithak at our Shiv mandir in Karachi, which had some place for wrestling. That portion was filled with red soil. Hiranand’s other speciality was writing letters. My father always called him when he wanted some letter to be written to government department. As a child he suggested to me the method of learning English language. His son Lal went to USA after a stint in Kuwait.

Hemandas – I don’t have any knowledge about what he was doing in Karachi. In Bombay his eldest son was appointed by my father to give tuitions. At that time, he became very famous as a teacher. His brother Sugnomal whose nickname was Chichi joined Bombay Police, from where he retired as Deputy Commissioner. His other brother was Lachu, who was my classmate. Lachu was famous in my class for his handwriting. If you look at a fair copy of his writing, it looked like a page printed in a printing press. He also joined Bombay Police. Once I asked him, which department he was working in. He said “I am a writer.”

Sister Bhagwanti had two sons, who were both technocrats. Gobind first worked with Kotumal and then with the help of Parsram Makar he joined BEST. His brother Hari was also an electric contractor.

In short, this family produced top class technocrats. I have not used the prefix of Late before any name as I find them to be Legends.           

What is Battery Health? How to check & keep your device’s battery healthy for a long life?

It is the 21st Century full of latest technology in a world dominated by Smartphones/Laptops with the four most dominated Operating Systems i.e. Android, IOS, Windows & Macintosh. Android & Windows has multiple OEM Brands making Smartphones & Laptops, whereas IOS & Mac OS on the other hand is owned and produced by Apple in their iPhone, iPad & Mac Computers.

We as consumers in today’s world are very cautious about a Device’s battery life when investing into one, but do we really check or concentrate on the battery health? which is the most important aspect of the durability and longevity of the device.

Anyway lets start with “What is Battery Life?” The term “battery life” typically refers to how long the battery will last on a single full or partial charge, Okay? then “What is Battery Health?” Battery health uses the help of the system software’s algorithm to define the power left in the battery basis a number of checks, power voltage transmitted, usage conditions and analytics, lithium electrolytes & number of charge cycles already performed from the initial use of device to till date, however this may in some cases may not be accurate as this feature is software driven.

Now that the definition of Battery Health is known, let’s focus on some best practices, followed by methods to keep track of battery health on various devices.

Best Practices to maintain good battery health.

A New device will have a perfect new and very healthy battery which runs at peak in the first few days and then reduces over time as it is recharged and used(Usage conditions may vary by user).

  1. Thereby the 1st best practice is to only charge the devices when the battery power falls below 10% and back upto 100% this calibrates the battery and prolongs the life.
  2. Never ever charge a device when the battery power is 30 to 40 or even 20%, you should note the device has a capability to last for more time even at that low a power range especially an iPhone or Samsung or the Pixel Series. You may only charge the device incase you are to travel for a long duration when phone connectivity is of utmost importance.
  3. Only use certified chargers that come with the device, use of any other charger may harm your device.
  4. Your device has a power input wattage limit specified, so charging with 33 Watt fast charger for a phone that only supports on 18 Watts will not increase the charging speed but may definitely heat up the device and damage the battery, hence it is recommended to only use the chargers your device is certified to work with.
  5. Never charge a device using a laptop/Desktop, the required power input is not adequately reached to the phone, it may show to have fully charged but will drain also that quick due to the reason mentioned formerly.

Now that the best practices have been covered, lets see how can you check the Battery Health on Android & IOS :

Check Battery Health on IOS (iPhone):

Ever since the battery life degrading issue came up against Apple, they(Apple) were forced to enable a feature in their iPhones so that consumers could keep track on where their device stands in terms of its life and usage, Starting from iPhone 6 & Later in IOS 11.3 Apple enabled the “Battery Health” Feature.

The Steps to use this feature along with Screenshots are attached below :

  1. Tap Settings app in the app drawer in your phone
  2. Followed by Tapping the Battery option
  3. This would bring you to the battery usage stats and analytics screen, you are to tap on “Battery health” here.
  4. This would bring you to the Battery Health Screen where the battery capacity left in the battery would show in terms of percentage, make sure you follow the best practices to keep it at its peak :D.

Apple mentions that after 2 years of usage an iPhone should report 80% of battery health which is completely normal in ideal usage conditions.

Apple also recommends that you should replace your battery at 70% battery Health or lower, however this may vary for different set of consumers having different usage conditions.

Now let us move to the Android Section and showcase the feature on Android Phones.

Check Battery Health on Samsung Devices :

Android devices do not have a dedicated native feature to check the device’s battery health, and it depends on OEMs such as Samsung, One Plus, Pixel, Oppo, Vivo to enable it on their handsets.

Fortunately Samsung has this feature whose procedure is listed below along with the screenshots :

  1. Drag down the screen and from the control center and Tap Settings
  2. Post which scroll down and Tap on Battery & Device Care
  3. Following which scroll down and tap Diagnostics
  4. Tap Battery Status
  5. The Screen should show the Battery health 😀
Select "Battery and Device Care."
Select "Diagnostics."
Battery stats.

Check Battery Health on Other Android Devices :

The above steps were only specific to Samsung Phones, however in case you do not own a Samsung Phone you can try two Alternative methods :

Use Android’s hidden menu by dialing a USSD Code : However it may not work major of the times and not with all brands of the world.

Open the dialer and dial *#*#4636#*#* this will open up the diagnostics screen and show the battery health majority of the times however chances are major that this option may not be there.

So if the above option did not work for you, the last option you have is to download a third party app for which I recommend AccuBattery.

This app helps you understand the status of the battery in your phone, however it will not show data right away & neither can it access historical data as it is not an inbuilt feature, After a few charge cycles you shall start seeing that the app is reading and reflecting data on your phone.

Health reading.

To conclude, Battery health is something you do not need to be worried about and it is completely natural, however it does help for a consumer to take a proactive decisions at the same time it is nice to know your device is in good condition and is working well.

Deepa (Laji) Bhagnari – Do we communicate well now?


When we were young students in school, we were taught to read and write. We were taught essay writing, letter writing – which was a means of communicating with our near and distant relatives or friends or even official work related letters. I remember those days vividly when we would write on a postcard a letter to my father who travelled to Calcutta many a times, which was the cheapest means of communication, as trunk calls were expensive…and of course  later when I got married and my husband Moti was in Dubai I would pen long loving letters and post them in an envelope. I still can feel the joy that I felt at that time penning those letters…as the pen moved, it just poured my feelings and emotions into words. That indeed was a different world…and I think a beautiful world..where we would wait eagerly for the reply to come..though it took days for us to receive it..but more the anticipation..more the pleasure which was derived after receiving the reply.

Then penning a letter became a thing of the past…as typewriters now replaced the very versatile pen….still it was ok as we still could put all our emotions into words. Then later typewriters became extinct and the new age computers replaced them..but here also one had to type so it was not so bad. Letters, whether personal or official were drafted and sent by email. One had to wait for a reply..and one got it after some days or just in a day depending from person to person. Still emailing is till today, I think, a good way of communication and one can pen the lengthiest of letters  in an unhurried and relaxed manner with no compromise made on emotions.

Today emailing is still a very important part of our lives but  with the new age phone apps like WhatsApp..and other chat options..texting has nearly or I should say completely taken over…Gone are the days when we wrote long meaningful letters..Now instant messaging has taken over our life..We just message our near and dear ones..our friends or acquaintance, a quick short note or sometimes just a hello or hi and  feel, well we have communicated and then expect an immediate we know the person has read it or sometimes may not reply immediately and that makes us wonder, why? Why hasn’t the person messaged back..some people go into a frenzy, some feel offended..others think ok so you have read my message and have not replied so tit for tat..I will do the same next time. But of course everyone is not the same..they have patience and feel, yes the other person has read the message and has not replied..maybe the person is busy..maybe the other person is pondering over what reply he or she should give or maybe the other person just doesn’t want to be in touch..simple as that. Sometimes hastily texted messages create you write without thinking and your words are misconstrued.

I feel this instant messaging is both a boon and bane in our lives today…it is the quickest way of communication, which is the greatest plus point..we now have personal chats, where we have formed different and innumerable groups of like-minded people..and it has become a family platform where we have families forming groups and in this way people from across the globe are now in touch with each other and have bonded together…so a real blessing.

Then comes the other aspect..we now just drop in a hello or a hi to people or just send forwards (sometimes even without reading them oneself)  And feel well I am staying in touch. Are we really? Is this sufficient to keep our bondage or our love alive?  Nothing can replace face to face communication. Maybe distance and busy schedules and circumstances have lessened this but  the charm has gone off from communication…sometimes we pen hastily made decisions  on WhatsApp and then regret it…but the deed has been done.. sometimes, leading to damaging and souring relationships..and  then we all just send across emojis showing..yes, I liked the message..even just writing a few words are not felt to be necessary. It is after all a fast forward world. Quick actions..quick results..that is the norm today..again both good and bad…messaging is now taken over even the phone..first we used to at least talk on the phone..have leisurely chats or just quick chats but at least they were personal…but now that is also very rare. Now even if a person is sick you get a message, asking hope you are ok..well what can that person say but yes I am fine..thanks a lot for your concern. If you phone that person you may feel the pain..the despair the loneliness of that person..maybe your few comforting words or some advice may help and cheer up the person..Let’s see now what new inventions will come up? I am sure they will make our lives easier but only hope they don’t create a bridge between people that is difficult to cross.

Well, inventions are always welcome..they make our life easier and richer but let us not forget that communication with each other besides an occasional hi or hello is not sufficient to keep our love and feelings alive…the heart always wants more…specially when you are older….or lonely or alone in this world. So instead of messaging, just phone a person…or meet up or visit your ailing or lonely relative and just see the happiness  that you will get from this.

What is an eSIM? How do hackers try to steal money using an eSIM scam? How does one stay Safe?


What is an eSIM?

eSIM stands for an Electronic SIM which replaces the Traditional Physical SIM Card and is attached/mapped to the the Smartphone’s Modem using the Network Connection Chip and IMSI Number. it allows cell phone manufacturers to reduce the size of the smartphone and thereby increase battery life and provide many other features as the space utilized by a physical sim card is ruled out.

Origin of an eSIM

Esim was a feature launched and supported by Apple in the launch of iPhone X in 2017, since then Companies like Google and Samsung have also incorporated this feature support in many of their devices like the Pixel series and the Galaxy S, Note and Z Flip/ Fold Series.

Devices which Support eSIM

As of September 2021, the current known list of eSIM supported devices is:


  • iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 Mini*
  • iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini*
  • iPhone SE*
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max*
  • iPhone XS, XS Max*
  • iPhone XR*
  • iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (4th generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 11‑inch (2nd generation) 
  • iPad Pro 11‑inch (1st generation)
  • iPad Air (4th generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad (8th generation)
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)


  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE 5g
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Ultra 5g
  • Samsung Note  20+
  • Samsung Fold LTE model
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G new 
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, s20+ and S20 Ultra (Single SIM Nano-SIM and/or eSIM models )
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

Google Pixel

  • Google Pixel 5a 5G new 
  • Google Pixel 5
  • Google Pixel 4a
  • Google Pixel 4
  • Google Pixel 3 & 3XL ( Limited support )
  • Google Pixel 2


  • Microsoft Surface Duo
  • Windows 10 PCs


  • Huawei P40 and P40 Pro **


  • Oppo Find X3 Pro


  • Sony Xperia 10 III Lite new 


  • Nuu Mobile X5
  • Lenovo Yoga 630
  • HP Spectre Folio
  • Gemini PDA
  • Motorola Razr 2019
  • Palm Palm

How can one obtain an eSIM?

The Process of Usually eSIM usually begins with :

  • Sending an SMS to your operator
  • Your Operator will send you a SMS with a requirement to you reply back with a confirmation
  • This will be followed by you receiving an automated Voice IVR call requesting for a subsequent confirmation
  • You will then receive a QR Code on your email ID which shall have to be scanned from your device to map it in the eSIM Slot.
  • Post the completion of the above steps there shall be a Cooling period of 2 Hours and your Physical Sim shall be converted to an eSIM with the SMS service on your mobile Number being barred for 24 Hours as per regulatory guidelines.

Below are the Links to the Operator wise process of obtaining an eSIM :

Airtel* :

Vodafone Idea* :

Jio :

*eSIM on Airtel & Vodafone Idea is only available to customers using Postpaid/Billing Plans and not on Prepaid Numbers.

What is the Scam Trick used by Fraudsters ?

Now that we have learned about eSIM, let us understand how scammers trick users to steal from them :

  • It is suggested that users are receiving a message stating that their SIM card will be blocked in 24 hours if the KYC details aren’t updated. Following this, the fraudsters contact people under the garb of customer care executives of any of the telecom operators that provide eSIM services. 
  • Users are then asked to forward an email ID (sent by the fraudsters) to the customer card of that particular telecom operator. The email ID belongs to the scamsters so that they can register their mail IDs to access the user’s bank information. Once the message is sent, an auto-generated message is received regarding the eSIM activation, following which another message is received that contains a link to a Google form asking users to fill in details for the KYC updating.
  • Once users fill in their personal details that also include the bank account number, the eSIM is activated and a QR code is sent to the fraudsters (via email) for them to access the user’s phone number as the physical SIM card gets blocked. This way, the scamsters can use the phone number to get OTPs and enter the banking details in e-wallets to steal money from people.

How to remain Safe? What precautionary or preventive measures should you take?

You have to remember that this Scam can only take place if you initiate the process by taking the step of sending a SMS or clicking an unsolicited link received,

At the same time you have to understand that no operator asks for your personal information like Bank account number, OTP, CVV, Pin etc.

The ask for such information should itself be an alarming fact that it is an act to loot/steal your hard earned money.

so if you have received any such intimation it is advisable to visit your operator’s store or call the customer care to verify the authenticity of such communications at the same make an alert to your bank to prevent any financial loss.

Teachers Day by Deepa (Laji) Bhagnari


I read somewhere while surfing the net that Teachers Day is celebrated annually on September 5th as it is the birth anniversary of Dr Radhakrishnan who was also our first Vice President, second President of India and before that he was a very respected teacher. So, in his remembrance we all celebrate this day respecting and loving our teachers.

Who are teachers basically? When we start schooling from kindergarten, what we carry with us are just books and pencils and colour pencils…too young to understand what schooling means. Later the first teacher in your school introduces to a different world…a world filled with knowledge…colours…drawings…stories and then from that day onwards we eagerly wait to go to school every day to learn all about the world beyond the four walls of our homes and environment. One enters a different world…just like Alice in Wonderland.

I remember my school Canossa Convent, where most of us were educated and the boys went to either St. Michaels School or Victoria High School. Our most memorable years were spent there from K.G to S.S.C. – 11 years of our childhood years where we had impressionable brains and we were full of curiosity…learning the letters of the alphabet and we enter the world of numbers…that is Mathematics. Our brains were like sponges, absolutely absorbing everything we learnt there and I remember going excitedly home ton show my parents all that I had learnt that day. Then later we were introduced to read and write different languages…like Hindi, Marathi and later French. I loved Hindi and French and both my teachers Miss Kamala and Mother Trexi…she looked strict but was kindness personified…and fortunately I excelled in both these subjects…so I would write beautiful essays in English, Hindi and French and I would feel elated when the teachers read them out to all the other sections as well. It is this foundation that made me even win an award in Alliance Francois during my college days.

I am thankful to all the teachers who moulded our personalities to be what we are today. It is said that a teacher is not only the one who teaches you to count numbers but someone who makes you realise what counts most in your life. I am really grateful to all our teachers…Miss Millicent…Miss Ophelia…Mrs. D’Cruz…Miss Kamala…Mother Edna…Miss Mira…Mother Trexi…and many others. A big thanks and salute to you all for literally, you could say, irrigating our barren minds. Love you all.

Then we enter our college world where suddenly we are put in a different world…altogether…no uniforms…wearing fashionable clothes…footwear…carrying fancy bags…for some time I remember we took all this freedom with abandon…revelled in bunking lectures…going for first day first show of movies at Regal…Strand…Eros and Lotus cinemas…sitting for hours in the canteen…chattering away…enjoying each and every moment of our new found freedom…going to discos like Bullock Cart…Naples and Talk of the Town…but when the exams would come over our heads, we would attend all the lectures and then realise that the professors here were so qualified and imparted so much knowledge which was different from our schooling years…it is here that we crossed the boundaries of knowledge and realised that we all had to shape our futures here…this was our last chance…and thankfully we all learnt our lesson…freedom is good but  not at the cost of our education. Our Professors in Jaihind College were all superb…from Mr. Rao…Mr. Mistry…Professor Jiandani…Miss Balaporiya…all my favourite who taught us French…each and every one of them shaped and moulded our personality. Thank you to all of them. 

After college our learning does not stop and nor do we stop having teachers…they say every day is a learning day…so we learn from our peers…our elders…and even chance encounters, so in a way they are our teaches too.

Later in life despite having so much knowledge, there is still something missing in our life…we now have sufficient literary knowledge to help us cope with life’s problems…but we then feel the need to find ourselves…our inner selves…so we look for a Guru. A Guru is a teacher but someone who teaches you to look deep into your soul and seek answers. Gurus have tremendous knowledge but they are your teachers in a different way…they say a Guru, strips you naked and prepares you for the inner journey…he takes away things that you have and do not require. They say when a teacher finishes with you, you celebrate…but when a Guru finishes with you…life celebrates. 

So basically, we need both teachers and Gurus in our life…thankful to my Guruji Sanjeev Krishnan…the Founder Of Rhythm Of Life Yoga…an excellent Guru…a wonderful Guru who dutifully every Friday evening has a Zoom meeting with all present and past students to participate in active discussions…and teaches us new yoga tips and meditation. I really enjoy these sessions…thank you Guruji for being our mentor and guide.

But I should not forget to mention our first teachers in life…our parents who literally teach us to walk, talk and teach us manners and instil confidence in us to go to school and face the world. They in fact are our  best teachers…ever so thankful to God for giving me wonderful parents…who loved me unconditionally…specially my mother who would see that I did my homework…improved my writing skills., etc. Then my other teachers, my aunt Esho Chhoda who was a second mother to me…who taught me what is wit, laughter and introduced me to a world of movies…and last but not the least my Mother in Law Sita Bhagnari who was more than a mother to me…it is she who taught me adjusting in a joint family…facing hardships with a smile…and always being there for me…a pillar…a support system which I really miss immensely now. All of them have departed from this world, but their memories remain and so do their teachings.

Thank you one and all. I am grateful to you not only on Teacher’s day but in every walk of my life. Without you all we would be nowhere.