Deepa Laji Bhagnari recalls her mothers


Last year I wrote an article on Mother’s Day….but this year I just didn’t even think about it.  Sometimes circumstances make you go into a shell..and you sort of lose contact with the are just in your space trying to sort out all your thoughts..emotions and feelings.

As they say sometimes there are phases in our lives that are good and bad…one just has to learn to cope up with it and move on saying this too shall pass.  Because life can show you many shades and one just has to accept it. As it is said “Que Sera Sera..the future is not ours to see..Que Sera Sera” So hopefully all will be well.

What can I write about Mother’s Day…last year I wrote about it feeling thankful that at least my mom was there for me..though my other two mothers Sita Bhagnari and Isho Chhodha had left for their heavenly abode. They had already left a void in my I was too close to both of them.  But still I took consolation in the fact that though my mother was bed ridden she was still there to welcome me with a beautiful smile..eyes full of tears and a warm hug. This year she was even more frail..because of Covid I had come to Mumbai after a year and I had missed her terribly..but though she was happy to see me..she was very vague about the fact that I was meeting her after a year. I had a foreboding then that somehow this would be possibly the last trip where she would welcome me with a hug..and I was right, as soon in my presence..there she went up to be with my father and her dear ones. May her soul rest in peace and I am sure she is happy to be up there and has no more to suffer all the problems that old age had ravaged her with.  

As I had said last year, I feel every day is Mother’s mothers are wanted by each and every one of us, at each step that we take..from our childhood to our old age we all want our mother’s presence in our she is the one who is always there for us guiding us..pushing us to do our best in life..soothing our fears..helping us in every way she can. A mother is someone who never takes a single holiday from parenthood..she is, you can say on duty 24/7. 

It is said that Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest true..a mother has to put up with so much where her children are concerned..but she still does it all unselfishly and her love for her children makes her endure through it all. Not all children are good..there are so many who are many who do not value their mother’s love and sacrifices..but still she will never grumble..never tell the child, all that she has done for him or her..because all that comes so naturally to her. God has just created Mothers because He can’t be with us physically down on earth, so he created a Mother who showers us with and devotion. Hope everyone realises the value of a mother.

It is said that mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.  A mother is a walking miracle..and personally I think a mother is God’s greatest creation. Can you imagine your life without your mother?  I don’t think I can..I am happy that I had my mother with me for so many years..there are so many who lose their mothers at a young age..if you were to ask them how they felt..then one would understand how lucky we all are to have our mothers with us.

So all who have mothers – just value them..pamper and hug them…and just be a companion and a friend to them because as they grow older it is only love and companionship they look for. Old age can be very try and spend some time with them as that is the only thing they look forward to. I am so happy that whenever I was in Mumbai, every evening by 4.30 pm I would go to my mom’s house..just sit on the bed even though she would be sleeping..for as soon as she woke up and saw me, her eyes would light up and there would be a radiant smile on her face..and that smile used to warm my is said that a mother’s hug stays with you long true I can still feel her warm hug.  

I am glad I have spent quality time with all my three mothers..and the memories I have collected of all three of them and our time spent together is sufficient to last me a lifetime. Thanks to all three of them for guiding me at each step when I faltered..loving me unconditionally..comforting me when I was tensed and worried..being always there for me even when I didn’t ask..because all mothers have a built in antenna where their children are don’t have to ask..they just know.  As I said God created a mother so she can take His place here on earth.

So happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers..hope you all are valued and loved by your children and you also value your mother.


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