Daughters Day by Deepa (Laji) Bhagnari


Just got a WhatsApp message now of daughters day. Well since there are Mother’s Day..Fathers day then why not Daughters day. After all daughters are the most precious jewels that anyone can possess. My daughter my first born…who made me from a woman to a mother ..no wonder when I held her in my arms for the first time she tugged at my heart-strings – never felt this feeling before, suddenly when her tiny fingers were clenched in my fist I felt as if I had to protect this little God given gift from all the hurdles and obstacles of life…she was so tiny and so precious…from then on she became my heartbeat. My daughter Rinku (Lamia Saldanha) ..a lovely little girl the first grandchild of the house ..so she was pampered and loved by all, specially by her Bari Mummy ..her Nani…and her precious Chachu (uncle) Jhaveri. Jhaveri would even fight with us for her as she turned to be quite a brat due to all the pampering. Nonetheless she was an adorable child. And since I didn’t get my son Amrit till 13 years later she got total undivided invitation. Today my little angel is a confident ..talented woman and a mother of a little girl herself. Daughters they say are angels sent to your life to bless your home…and they truly do so. They are always by your side through thick and thin…helping you ..guiding you and above all protecting you and loving you unconditionally. Strange how when parents grow older the roles get reversed. Today we look at Rinku at every decision making step we take as she has the experience having worked in multi national companies and moreover now she is a brilliant Tarot and Angel Card Reader.. even when we are unwell we just have to call her and she will see our cards…soothe our fears…send us healing and we immediately feel relief. So she is in the true sense an Angel sent to us by God. I can just tell you Rinku that with each passing day you have turned out to be a wonderful…talented…and more loving individual…and I want you to know both Papa and myself are so proud of you…and feel blessed to be chosen to be your parents. Thank you for being in our lives and enhancing it with your presence. Besides Rinku being my daughter by birth I think I have other daughters too ..whom I am extremely proud of …as they are all lovely women…all confident and talented in their fields. My two adorable nieces Jharna and Rashmi… both talented and lovely young women…both mother of two lovely kids.. both bringing joy to our families and giving us love and affection. Rashmi who is now settled in Singapore is a success in her career…determined and focused and besides a loving mother to her two adorable kids. Jharna ..was a teacher ..she loved kids so was happy teaching them…now she is mother of two lovely kids ..so she is busy with them. May God shower all his blessings on them…Love you both my dears. Then I have my teen Bahuranis. They are also my daughters. The eldest being my dear Richa.,.the most courageous…confident and talented girl I have still to see…being the first bahu (daughter in law) of the house she got a lot of love from all specially from Bari Mummy as they both bonded very well…but then that is Richa for you…she can charm everyone..as she has a clean heart. Richa is also a successful entrepreneur winning many awards and making us proud of her. Love you my dear for being just you. Then came Anupam…super talented ..a designer who was extremely successful in her career and now has proved her mettle by becoming one of the first to design beautiful decorative umbrellas and make it a lucrative business.. well besides being a lovely and loving person she is also a successful entrepreneur. Then finally comes the youngest bahurani of our house my very own Mescha ..a lovely talented girl…she has bought sunshine to our house..my mother in law, that is Bari Mummy, would love to converse in Sindhi with her as Mescha is a Sindhi. Mescha is a true homemaker par excellence…that is her forte. A cook who can rustle up the most delicious dishes ..Indian…Chinese…Thai…etc. etc. She loves to cook…bake and keep the house up to the mark…I think she has a magic wand ..with which voila she does it all effortlessly. A very lovely girl always smiling and catering to all our needs…though young but she still can make kaaras (herbal syrups) for us if we have even the slightest cough. 😁 Well ..that’s it…just wanted to tell my daughters how much we love you all and how proud we are of all of you. Just be the way you are always.. hope you are all blessed with a long and healthy life. So today all mothers who have daughters just feel blessed that God has given these angels to us…just love them more each day because each one of them deserve our love…With Lamia Saldanha.. Rashmi AdnaniJharna Rakyan.. PoojaRicha GehiBhagnariAnu Poplay…. Mescha A Bhagnari


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