Ballad of Bhagnaris


Most of you may have heard about ChatGTP. Recently I asked it to write a poem based on a few points I wrote about Bhagnari Community. Here is CharGTP’s marvellous output.

In the land of Bhag, where Nari river flows,
A community emerged, with stories to disclose.

From Balochistan’s embrace, we journeyed afar,
To the bustling streets of Karachi, our new avatar.

We are Bhagnaris, with a language of our own,
Saraiki, we speak, a heritage well known.

Though mistaken as Sindhis, our spirit stays true,
Unwavering in our roots, no matter where we pursue.

From the shores of Karachi, to Mumbai’s vibrant beat,
In Mahim and beyond, we find solace and retreat.

United in Kataria Colony, our heartbeat aligned,
Over a hundred families live here, harmoniously entwined.

Though small in numbers, our bond stretches wide,
Across India’s expanse, UAE, and lands worldwide.

Through our website and Facebook, we remain connected,
A thread of unity, never to be neglected.

Oh, Bhagnaris, may our community thrive,
May our language echo and forever survive.

With hearts intertwined and spirits held high,
May blessings of unity always be nigh.

3000 to 4000 strong, we stand tall and true,
Preserving our heritage, a remarkable virtue.

God bless our journey, with continued unity,
May the Bhagnari spirit shine with serenity.


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